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I can’t say enough about Rebecca (Becca) and all that she did for our family.  Becca is so knowledgeable and I enjoyed talking with her each night and “picking her brain” on the many things the twins did during the day.  Becca was never pushy with her knowledge – she worked with me to find what worked best for me and my family, from their eating and sleep schedules to the type of swaddles they wore; Becca completely supported me and my decisions and would do the things I asked of her without question.  As a first time mom, I could not have asked for a better resource than Becca – her kindness and patience was so appreciated and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations and all of the advice that she gave me.

Kim M.

Becca is one in a million -- she is exceptional at her job. While Becca’s training and certifications check all the necessary boxes, there are some subtleties about her skills that make her uniquely wonderful.  Becca loves, LOVES babies. It takes her no time to fall in love with a child; she told me as much when she first started, but it became immediately apparent to me when Becca soothed our daughter with such care. Becca acted as an extension of me. Her presence is calming and her handling is gentle and rhythmic (just the way infants like it). She always acted in the best interest of our daughter.  Becca has a unique ability to read babies. She carefully observed our daughter to assess what would help our daughter feel more comfortable or help her sleep at night. Techniques can be learned, but Becca’s intuition and attention to detail are born of talent, love, and experience.

Emily T.

Newborn Care Specialist Night Nanny Baby
Newborn Care Specialist Night Nanny Baby

Becca is a very caring and kind person and someone who we now consider a part of our family. She demonstrated not only competency and work ethic but also love and care towards our children. We instantly felt comfortable that she was someone that we would trust with our children. It is very evident that Becca loves what she does – it’s not just her job but also her passion.  It is because of her knowledge and expertise that our triplets were sleeping on average 9-12 hours at night by the end of the 16 weeks that she was with us. In the last week of her contract she transitioned to 12-hour days and helped us work out a daytime routine that has helped us keep the babies on a better eating and napping schedule and therefore has helped them sleep longer at night.

Candace K.

Newborn Care Specialist Night Nanny Baby

The decision to have someone in my house at night, taking care of my newborn, was not an easy one for me. I tend to be a bit controlling and do not like people in my space. Becca adapts her style to the people she is working with – she was never demanding or insistent on doing something a certain way. She always discussed her thoughts with me and we mutually decided on the best path forward, which I very much appreciated. Within the first few weeks of having Becca, we were having conversations each night before she went upstairs about life, our weekends, etc. She is an easy person to have around because she is kind, thoughtful, and a great listener. There was not a single day that she didn’t walk into our house with a big smile on her face, which instantly made however hard the day had been just a little bit better. She brings such a positive energy with her. 
I highly recommend hiring Becca as a newborn care specialist and can confidently say that I would use her again! Please feel free to contact me for additional information about our experience with Becca. 
Sarah and Drew 

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